A new proposal in the field of furniture invented by iC “Cazzaniga Angelo e Figli”. CONCEPTWALL® is a new wainscoting system that you can change over time.

Various furnishing solutions that can fulfil needs both aesthetic and functional to create compositions that suit every modern lifestyle.

An intelligent system to allow customization suitable to every use.

Modularity, flexibility, order – in a word, CONCEPTWALL®.

Characterized by a particular modularity, the system makes it possible to realize endless compositions – even complex ones – using a wide range of different elements and materials.
We offer a wide range of panels, shelves, bases, columns and overhead cupboards for your customized wall project.

The product’s flexibility is in the possibility of creating compositions that are different as regards materials and shapes. This is a wainscoting which is changeable over time, which allows the substitution or move of every element without the use of specific tools.

The system offers the possibility of keeping a tidy environment, avoiding the passage in view of electric cables on the furniture’s surface, inserting them instead inside the frames.
The furniture, hovering above the ground, make cleaning the room both easy and quick.


The Frames are at the base of the CONCEPTWALL® system.

There are the only elements that require specific tools for anchoring on the wall and allow us to build made-to-measure wainscoting. Thanks to a specific system, these frames are used to anchor the various elements. Thanks to their depth, it is possible to insert cables and plugs inside them.